She Moves Through the Fair: All About Eve

All About Eve, “She Moves Through the Fair” (1988).

This is where I came in; the first version of the song I ever heard. Julianne Regan’s beautiful voice is barely accompanied by a drone type instrument, so that it is almost an a cappella rendition. She sings a variant on the modern (Colum) lyrics.

All About Eve are difficult to categorise beyond the broad ‘rock’ bracket. They were associated with the mid to late 80s goth movement, but, despite an avowed early Siouxsie and the Banshees influence, their music shared relatively little with gothic rock . This, their eponymous debut album, also includes the ballad, “Martha’s Harbour”, which was their biggest hit, and a song written about Janis Joplin (“Wild Hearted Woman”). Later albums diverged further, occasionally shedding fans en route.

Julianne has declared an interest in 1960s folk rock, notably Sandy Denny, the one-time singer with Fairport Convention. Sandy did sing “She Moves Through the Fair” with Fairport, and was partly responsible for repopularising the song. It seems fair to say that All About Eve’s version is influenced by Fairport’s, although the instrumentation is remarkably different.

The drone reappears in a later version by Feargal Sharkey.


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