She Moves Through the Fair: Anúna

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Anúna, “Our Wedding Day” (2007)

Anúna lay claim to the title ‘Ireland’s National Choir’. They sing songs from many eras, and it is not surprising that a version of “She Moves Through the Fair” – an Irish standard – is among them. This is entitled “Our Wedding Day”, and uses the ‘alternate‘, traditional lyrics, sung by a solo male voice (Michael McGlynn).

Anúna are a classical-traditional hybrid. The formal style of singing that they employ doesn’t do an awful lot for me, I have to say. It puts me in mind of various attempts to ‘gentrify’ folk music, by which I mean taking the people’s music and tidying it up for consumption by the aristocracy or other groups who regard themselves in some way superior. Still, that is my opinion,  and I can see the classical beauty in this version – it just doesn’t touch me.

The ensemble provided music for the two Irish dance extravaganzas, Riverdance and Michael Flatley’s Lord Of The Dance (the latter features a different version of “Our Wedding Day”, which I believe to be sung by Anne Buckley – hear it on YouTube.)

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(the CD was a limited edition US release)

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