She Moves Through the Fair: Davy Graham (and Jimmy Page)″Davy Graham, “She Moved Through the Fair” (1962)″Davy Graham, “She Moved Thru the Bizarre / Blue Raga” (1967).

Davy Graham (1940 – 2008, also known as Davey Graham) was a British guitarist, born in Leicestershire to a Guyanese mother and a Scottish father.

These are both instrumental versions, notable for Graham’s innovative DADGAD guitar tuning on the first and for the (additional) eastern influence on the latter. Graham is widely considered to be a virtuoso guitarist and his playing has been influential on other musicians in both the folk and rock worlds.″

The Yardbirds, “White Summer” (1968)

Jimmy Page, then in the Yardbirds, famously based his instrumental, “White Summer” on Graham’s recording “She moved thru’ the Bizarre/Blue Raga”. There is, or was, some controversy surrounding the lack of acknowledgement of this debt. Page then moved on to Led Zeppelin, taking “White Summer” with him. It appeared as part of a medley with another song, “Black Mountain Side” (based – also without acknowledgement – on Bert Jansch’s version of the traditional British folk song “Blackwater Side”). A studio version is available to listen to on YouTube.

There’s a great post on Guitarkadia on Graham’s influence on Jimmy Page and beyond.

There’s a nice tale, related here, about the episode:

In 1963, Davey Graham recorded “She Moved Thru the Bizarre,” a unique guitar arrangement of the traditional Irish song “She Moved Through the Fair.” Graham’s version was a complex instrumental piece based loosely on the original that incorporated Indian influences. Page’s version, titled “White Summer,” is nearly identical to Graham’s. The Yardbirds and Led Zeppelin releases do not credit the piece’s original authorship and history. Apparently irked at the lack of acknowledgement to song and arrangement, Davy Graham approached Jimmy Page at an English music awards ceremony and greeted him with, “Hello Robert”.


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