She Moves Through the Fair: Cara Dillon″

It seems that Ms. Dillon was singing this song live some time before it appeared on her 2009 album, Hill of Thieves, because I kept reading about her version and couldn’t find a studio recording – until the album came out, that is. The simple treatment – with piano and flute backing – really sets off Cara’s beautiful voice.

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Like Riding a Bicycle…

I’ve recently started a new technical writing job; it’s the sort of job where there’s a bit of hanging around to start with because some things aren’t ready and because I’ll be part of a new team that hasn’t all arrived yet. I was chatting to one of the other guys in the nascent team, talking about software tools – Word, Framemaker, Ventura, InDesign etc. Framemaker is, more or less, the industry standard for technical writers. My experience with it is a few versions ago, but that shouldn’t matter.

“It’s not difficult,” said my colleague.

“No,” I agreed, “It’s like riding a bicycle.”

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