She Moves Through the Fair: Cara Dillon″

It seems that Ms. Dillon was singing this song live some time before it appeared on her 2009 album, Hill of Thieves, because I kept reading about her version and couldn’t find a studio recording – until the album came out, that is. The simple treatment – with piano and flute backing – really sets off Cara’s beautiful voice.

Cara sings a slight variant on Colum’s modern lyrics. She does sing all four verses, which is fantastic. In the first verse she’s got mother and father, and an apparently corporeal lover’s visit in the last verse:

Last night she came to me, my true love came in;
And she came in so easy, her feet made no din;
And she laid her hands on me;
And this she did say,
“It will not be long, love, ’til our wedding day”

Then there’s a bit of an instrumental, and we finish with the delightful extemporised repetition of

“No it won’t be long, my love”


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